From a single bank to a large financial services group

DenizBank was established in 1938 as a state owned bank aimed at funding of the developing Turkish maritime sector. In early 1997, DenizBank was acquired by Zorlu Holding in the form of banking license from the Privatization Administration and in October 2006, a leading European financial group, Dexia incorporated it to its structure. For 6 years, DenizBank operated under the roof of Dexia and since 28 September 2012, continues providing services under the umbrella of Russia’s largest and well-rooted bank, Sberbank. As of 01 July 2013, the Bank acquired retail banking division of Citi Turkey, with more than 600 thousand customers and approximately 1.400 employees.

With the support of its strong capital base and its financial power and with the effect of the rapid developments in the sector, DenizBank reinforced its market position in a short period of time. DenizBank Financial Services Group was established in 2003 in order to create a financial supermarket providing various financial services under one roof.

All contemporary financial services under one roof…

In addition to DenizBank, DenizBank Financial Services Group consists of six domestic and three international financial subsidiaries, four non-financial domestic subsidiaries, and a branch in Bahrain. DenizYatırım, Deniz Real Estate Investment Trust, DenizPortfolio Management, DenizLeasing, DenizFactoring, Destek Varlık Yönetimi A.Ş., Intertech, DenizKültür, Bantaş and PUPA are the domestic subsidiaries of the Group; while EuroDeniz, DenizBank AG and CJSC DenizBank Moscow are the international subsidiaries.

The primary segments the Group focuses on are retail customers, small and medium-size enterprises, exporters, public and project finance and commercial and corporate clients. The Group also operates in niche markets such as agriculture, energy, tourism, education, healthcare services, infrastructure and shipping. With its international subsidiaries, the Group provides services to its customers abroad and serves a variety of their financial requirements.

The Group centralized its operations along with financial control and accounting functions and transformed DenizBank branches into marketing centers, allowing the Bank to keep the number of employees at the optimum level while increasing operational efficiency.

The Group possesses a service network that reaches all segments of the society throughout Turkey. In addition to the 700 domestic branches and a branch in Bahrain, DenizBank AG has 24 branches in total. In addition, thanks to its Alternative Distribution Channels, DenizBank enables both retail and corporate customers all over the world to carry out financial transactions over the internet.

Tailor made multi-dimensional solutions in DenizBank Private Banking…

DenizBank Private Banking was founded in September 2004 to increase the value of savings of our customers that have assets of 250,000 USD or more, and to provide service according to their wishes and expectations.

DenizBank Private Banking offers tailor made solutions according to the needs and investment preferences of the customers by defining their profile. With services offered together with DenizPortföy, DenizYatırım and other DenizBank subsidiaries, DenizBank Private Banking offers solutions in line with all your financial preferences.

The demand and needs of special customers are also special…

With our expert team and organization structure that has the flexibility to generate variable solutions to variable demands, DenizBank Private Banking offers tailor made multi-dimension solutions.

While our specialized and experienced portfolio managers offer investment products and solutions that will enable you to achieve your financial expectations and goals rapidly and safely, experienced expert teams of DenizPortföy, DenizYatırım and other DenizBank subsidiaries share their knowledge and know-how about financial markets.