Deniz Private with other privileges

20% discount for dry cleaning services and free of charge delivery to your address within Istanbul

Priority in urgent card renewal and delivery requests made through 444 6935 when your card is lost or stolen

Free of charge invoice payment with your card, account statement sending and SMS notification services

15% discount for PratikDepo services where you can keep your valuable goods safe and secure at the insured warehousing system

  • Pratik Depo : The goods are stored in the container at the location allocated by the Pratik Depo company or Pratik Depo company receives, transfers and places the goods to the container that is reserved for the storage; the expenses are covered by the card owner. The goods are delivered to the authorized official of Pratik Depo before they are placed in the container.The goods that the customer sends for storage are received with Investigation Report on the Conditions of the Goods signed by both parties. Pratik Depo takes all measures and safety precautions. You should make your payment with Deniz Private Card in order to benefit from Pratik Depo service with 15% discount. You can call (0212) 444 33 76 in order to get Pratik Depo service.

For more information on travelling privileges or to find out terms and conditions,
please call your special contact line 444 6935.