Entertainment and Hobby Advisory

You can receive all kinds of information you need on organizations such as exclusive events and festivals or hobbies such as diving, sailing and photography.

Tax Consultancy

You can receive briefing from experts and experienced teams on local tax legislation, tax rates and procedures to be applied

Real Estate - Property Consultancy

You can consult our experts on all kinds of matters ranging from developments in property market in Turkey and abroad, trends and real estate buy/sell and compared price quotations.

Legal Consultancy

You can receive recommendation from our consultants on legal briefing or injunctions **

Architectural and Landscape Advisory

You can consult experts we recommend on changes you make in your house or garden such as painting, accessories, textile and lighting ***

Technology Consultancy

You can receive telephone support from DenizPrivate Assistance in cases requiring technical support such as PC failure, program/mail set up or printer definition or you can request services to be sent to your address****

* Consultancy services are given within working hours in week days.
** Legal consultancy is a recommendation service and must not be considered as a solution.
*** Architecture and landscape advisory are valid within Istanbul city borders.
**** These services are given in only İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa and Antalya. In weekdays and on Saturday services are given between 09.00-18.00. Services are not offered on official holidays and Sundays. The service is only the organization and all costs (service, workmanship, part change) will be covered by the customer.

The above stated services are offered by Mondial Assistance. DenizBank is not liable for the services being offered. The Bank reserves the right to make changes in service conditions at all time. For paid services, payment must be made by DenizBank credit cards. In services offered with discount, payment must be made by DenizBank credit cards to benefit from such discount. Customers benefiting from such services are deemed to have accepted the mentioned conditions.