Newborn baby care

When you need support for your new born baby care, DenizPrivate Assistance is at your service to bring you together with experts in their field.*

Emergency medicine delivery

DenizPrivate Assistance brings your prescribed medicine to your door with a single phone call when you need medicine urgently and does not charge you.**

Dietician and Healthy Living Consultancy Service

You may consult your dietician to get an answer to your questions related to balanced and healthy nutrition.

* Organization is provided to send experts for new-born baby care services. Costs belong to the customer if services are received.
** Medicine fees belong to the customer in emergency medicine delivery services. Delivery fee is covered by DenizPrivate twice a year. No medicine will be sent without a doctor’s prescription. If any vital medicine to treat a patient’s chronic illness (asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc.) is required to be taken in a short time, service may be provided upon approval from company doctors, even if the prescription has expired.

The above stated services are offered by Mondial Assistance. DenizBank is not liable for the services being offered. The Bank reserves the right to make changes in service conditions at all time. For paid services, payment must be made by DenizBank credit cards. In services offered with discount, payment must be made by DenizBank credit cards to benefit from such discount. Customers benefiting from such services are deemed to have accepted the mentioned conditions.