Plumbing and window services

For any water, electric installation problems you may encounter or in situations such as a broken/cracked window that may happen at your house, you can easily solve your problems thanks to the repairman who will be directed to your address by DenizPrivate Assistance.*

Accommodation Assistance

If you are unable to use your home due to flood, fire, etc., you can benefit from the opportunity to stay at a 3 or 4 star hotel with your family, thanks to Private Banking privileges.**

Locksmith Service

If you lost your house keys or you forgot them on the door, you can benefit from DenizPrivate Assistance locksmith service with one phone call.*

Repair Services

For painting/insulation works, central heating repairs, changing faucets, small carpentry and repair works, you may get help from DenizPrivate Assistance by calling 0850 222 OZEL.***

* In interior plumbing, electric installation, window services; transportation, workmanship and material costs are covered by DenizBank up to 3 times a year and within a TL 250 limit per service. Costs exceeding the limit shall be covered by the customer. In locksmith services, it will be requested to provide an invoice/title deed proving residency of the customer or it will be asked to enter the house accompanied by the doorman, security staff or building superintendent. The transportation and workmanship costs for the locksmith are covered by DenizBank up to 3 times a year and within a TL 250 limit per incident. Any costs exceeding such amount shall be covered by the customer.

** The house that is subject matter of the assistance must be the customer’s residence address. Maximum 2-day stay at 3 or 4 star hotels for the customer and family members living in the same house shall be covered by DenizBank. Costs for additional services such as minibar, pay TV shall belong to the customer.

*** Costs to incur related to such services shall be covered by the customer. The service is provided every weekday except Sunday, between 09.00 – 18.00 and no service will be provided on official and religious holidays.

The services mentioned above are offered by Mondial Assistance. DenizBank has no liabilities with respect to such services being offered. The Bank reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the services offered at any time. For paid services, the payment must be made with DenizBank credit cards. In services offered with a discount, the payment must be made with DenizBank credit cards to benefit from such discount. Customers who benefit from these services are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions indicated.