Hotel and Restaurant Information/Reservation Service

You can enjoy staying at the best hotels domestic and abroad and benefit from exclusive advantages in fine dining restaurants.*

Event Information and Reservation Services

You may receive information 24/7 related to movie theatres, concerts, theatres, museums, sports contests, musicals, opera and ballet events! The tickets which you will purchase are delivered free of charge in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir*.

Bus/Ferry and Railroad information and reservation services

You can make all your reservations and changes in your tickets together with 24/7 unlimited information and reservation services on all your bus, ferry and train transfers. The tickets which you will purchase are delivered free of charge in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir.*

Customized Assistance Services

Your personal assistant follows up an issue on your behalf once a month and provides reminding and notification services.*

Translation Services

For any translation request in any language, DenizPrivate Assistance contacts the translation offices located in your city or persons and companies providing simultaneous interpreting services and makes the required organization.*

VIP transfer services abroad

You may enjoy comfortable transfer abroad with DenizPrivate Assistance VIP transfer service. You may receive help from DenizPrivate Assistance for your airport and city transfer needs where you live or where you will travel to.**

Information Services

You can ask for help from DenizPrivate Assistance regarding;

  • Ambulances, locksmith
  • Hospitals and doctors, glass cutters
  • Pharmacies on call, plumbers
  • Travel agencies, electrician
  • Car rental companies, carpenter
  • Airline companies, painting
  • Airports, maritime lines, construction works
  • Hotel and accommodation facilities, satellite and antenna services
  • Restaurants and cafes, white/ electric goods
  • Entertainment and show centers, carpet and upholstery
  • Museums and culture centers, removal companies
  • Embassies and consulates

*All expenses and costs for the purchased products/services belong to the customers.
** VIP transfer service must be notified minimum 24 hours beforehand.

The above stated services are offered by Mondial Assistance. DenizBank is not liable for the services being offered. The Bank reserves the right to make changes in service conditions at all time. For paid services, payment must be made by DenizBank credit cards. In services offered with discount, payment must be made by DenizBank credit cards to benefit from such discount. Customers benefiting from such services are deemed to have accepted the mentioned conditions.