You can get help from DenizPrivate Assistance for organisation services in special needs such as:

  • Sending gifts and flowers,
  • Ordering books/DVDs/CDs,
  • Secretary and business services,
  • Fairs/ conferences/ convention halls,
  • Translator services,
  • Rental mobile phone companies,
  • Information on chambers of commerce,
  • Information on limousine companies,
  • Renting work equipment and organization service,
  • Meeting/conference organisation service.

*Service is only given within the country. Purchasing costs belong to the customer.

The services mentioned above are offered by Mondial Assistance. DenizBank has no liabilities with respect to such services being offered. The Bank reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the services offered at any time. For paid services, the payment must be made with DenizBank credit cards. In services offered with a discount, the payment must be made with DenizBank credit cards to benefit from such discount. Customers who benefit from these services are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions indicated.