Invest in the Future with the Accumulating Deposit Account!

You can easily and safely save money by automatically transferring to the accumulating account the amount you determine according to your budget or the total amount you want save each month.

  • It enables you to make regular savings in the long term.
  • Thanks to the favorable interest rates on the accumulating deposit account, your savings increase gradually.
  • You can optionally place a regular savings order from your checking account or credit card to DenizBank Accumulating Deposit Account.
  • You can invest in your future with amounts starting from a minimum of 150 TL, 50 Dollars or 50 Euros.
  • You can immediately start earning interests by depositing your savings as a starting amount without a limit when opening an account.
  • The interest amount is charged into your account on your account anniversaries.
  • You can make regular transfers in monthly or 3-month periods.
  • You can change your regular payment amount at any time throughout the term.