It is a product which allows our customers, who want to invest in the future and who intend to make regular savings, invest in TL, USD, EUR and GOLD with advantageous interest rates.

With Deposit Accumulating Account, you can start to benefit from advantageous interest rates from your first payment thanks to the monthly or quarterly regular payment of minimum 50 TL/USD/EUR or 1 gr GOLD for 5 years. Besides with the instruction you will give when you open the account, your payments are automatically collected from your demand deposit account or credit card* in each period.

You can make an interim payment, change the amount of regular payment, and make GOLD payments from your demand deposit account in TL, USD or EUR.

With the advantageous interest rates which will be updated at the beginning of a period of one year, you can generate high returns and increase the value of your savings.

For further details about Deposit Accumulating Account, please contact our Private Banking Centers.

*The instruction for gold payments is given only from demand deposit accounts.