The promissory notes issued by the banks or other corporations with a maturity of 1 year and as long term, discount or coupon are called as “corporate bond”. In discount bonds, the nominal amount of the bond is paid to the investor by the issuer at the end of maturity. In coupon bonds, a coupon return is provided to the investor in certain periods (3 months, 6 months or 1 year) and the payment of the principal is made at the end of the maturity.

The Benchmark Interest Rate forming the basis for bond prices is calculated based on the discounted benchmark government bonds issued by the Undersecretariat of the Republic of Turkey. For investors, the most risk free securities with fixed return are the government bonds issued by the Undersecretariat of the Republic of Turkey. For the bonds that they issue, companies offer investors an additional return rate over the interest rate of government bonds. Each company undertakes to pay a certain additional return rate upon benchmark government bonds interest rate in accordance with its corporate profile and declares the defined additional return rate in the circular it publishes before the public offering.

You can review Corporate Bonds if you want to increase the value of your savings with Turkish Lira based investment instruments, and if you want to generate higher returns than deposits, treasury bills, government bonds.

You can conduct your Corporate Bond transactions through our Private Banking Centers.

The information and assessment provided by DenizBank Private Banking is compiled from various sources with the purpose of providing information to the investor and they should not be regarded as investment consultancy, under no circumstances they refer to buying/selling proposal and/or commitment of any security or asset. All investment decisions belong to the investor. For this reason, the investor, before carrying out transactions with any product provided, should examine the economic risks and returns, legal, tax and accounting related features of the given transaction and should determine with his/her free will whether he/she would accept these risks or not. The investor accepts the risk of the institution or the government which issues the security. The Bank only intermediates in the buying/selling of the related security. The main debtor of the security and the person who will pay its provision is the issuer. The investor accepts the risk that the issuer (and if there is any, the guarantor) might fail to pay the interest or coupon or principal in case the issuer (and/or if there is any, the guarantor) goes into default. The investor, accepts the risk that all or part of the principal invested in the security might be lost in case the issuer (and/or if there is any, the guarantor) fails to fulfill his/her commitments under the security.

Investment products are not a bank deposit and not an obligation of nor guaranteed by Denizbank A.Ş. and other related institutions or Savings Deposit Insurance Fund. Investment products are not under assurance by the Government. Investment products are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal invested. Past performances is not indicative of future results, prices can go up and down. Investment products are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations including possible risk of loss of principal when investments are denominated in different currency. Any information about the investment products offered by the Bank including the ones mentioned herein, in no way considered as advice or suggestion or recommendation or consultancy service of the Bank. DenizBank reserves the right of changing the buying-selling conditions and content of the provided service and product at any time.

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