They are long term and coupon payment debt instruments issued by the company or the government in foreign currencies. Eurobond is generally issued in Dollars and in Euro by the Undersecretariat of Treasury of the Republic of Turkey. Nevertheless there are also Eurobonds in GBP and JPY. The repayment of the total principal and interest in Eurobonds, which are issued by the Undersecretariat of Treasury of the Republic of Turkey, is realized by the government.

As they are offered for sales in foreign currencies in the international markets, they have long term. Their maturity varies from 1 year to 30 years. Though they are issued as long term, they are traded in secondary markets and they can be liquidated before the end of the maturity. In such situations, the market conditions at the date of liquidation will be applied.

In bonds issued in Dollars, the coupon payment is made every 6 months and in bonds issued in Euro, the coupon payment is made once a year. The coupon payment dates are pre-determined, and they can change according to the maturity of the bond. Coupon interests are expressed as simple annual interest. The coupon payment is made in terms of nominal amount. While making the calculation of the periodical coupon payment amount, the nominal amount of Eurobond is multiplied with the periodical coupon interest rate.

The accumulated interest starts from the issue date of Eurobonds and continues until the next coupon interest repayment date. In each Eurobond you buy or sell, you pay for or withdraw the accumulated interest.

The financial and economic performances of the country or the institution issuing the bond and the developments in international financial markets influence the Eurobond prices. The Eurobond returns of each country vary from one country to another or from institution to another. As it is traded in international markets, it is open to price fluctuations that both domestic and international economic and political developments can produce. For this reason, there is a risk of principal.

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