Portfolio Management is a special service provided by DenizPortfolio to individual and corporate investors. The amount that each investor wants to capitalize on is capitalized on with domestic and foreign capital market instruments by the experts

  • taking into consideration the needs
  • risk and maturity limits in line with the investor profile,
  • return expectations,
  • aiming to provide return over the defined criterion rate
  • during a defined period.

Taking into the changeable conditions in the world and in Turkey, the experienced portfolio managers of DenizPortfolio efficiently manage the portfolios.

It is recommended for investors who want their investments to be capitalized on by professional teams, who do not want to spend time to manage their own portfolios, who do not have the opportunity to give instructions on a transaction basis, who prefer that their selections are applied in the last stage of investment decision and who expect a personal interest and attention.

In portfolio management, it is possible to deposit money to the portfolio and withdraw money from the portfolio. Nevertheless a period of minimum 6 months is recommended to see the best performance. All portfolio performances are compared with their own criterions and with the performances of other investment instruments.

The investors can access the information related to the status of their portfolios at any time. Information about the content of the portfolios and strategies is provided according to the confidentiality rules and special requests of the investor. Weekly, monthly and periodically Performance Evaluation Reports, which include all details about Portfolio Management account, are shared with the investors in the related periods.

For further information about portfolio management, please contact our Private Banking Centers.

Investment products are not a bank deposit and not an obligation of nor guaranteed by Denizbank A.Ş. and other related institutions or Savings Deposit Insurance Fund. Investment products are not under assurance by the Government. Investment products are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal invested. Past performances is not indicative of future results, prices can go up and down. Investment products are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations including possible risk of loss of principal when investments are denominated in different currency. Any information about the investment products offered by the Bank including the ones mentioned herein, in no way considered as advice or suggestion or recommendation or consultancy service of the Bank. DenizBank reserves the right of changing the buying-selling conditions and content of the provided service and product at any time.

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