Maximise the state contribution amount you receive with Pension Plus!

You can now start to imagine how you will spend your retirement days with Pension Plus Plan, created by MetLife for you to have a comfortable retirement.

Be a part of Pension Plus Plan and take the first step to take your future under guarantee.

  • Paying minimum monthly contribution of 1.000 TL or minimum initial capital of 20.000 TL when first entering into the system plus 100 TL monthly contribution amount, you can join Pension Plus Plan.
  • You can enjoy 25% state contribution.
  • You can amend your pension plan 4 times a year and your fund mix plan 6 times a year.
  • Anyone older than 18 years of age can join Pension Plus Plan.
Contribution (Monthly)Amount of government contribution (Monthly)Amount of government contribution (Yearly)
1.000 TL250 TL3.000 TL
2.943 TL*735,75 TL8.829 TL

*The maximum state contribution that a participant can benefit from cannot exceed 25% of the gross annual minimum wage determined within a calendar year. The gross annual minimum wage for 2020 is 35.316 TL whereas the maximum state contribution that a participant can benefit from is 8,829 TL on an annual basis which corresponds to 25% of this amount.

You can contact your portfolio manager for more information about Private Pension System and terms and conditions.

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