Products and Services Offered by DenizBank Private Banking…

DenizBank Financial Services Group offers its customers the privilege of providing services and products in customized packages constantly from a single portal. It provides a wide range of products through which our customers can safely capitalize on their investments in domestic and foreign markets.

DenizBank Private Banking offers banking products and services in line with risk and return preferences, knowledge and experience of its customers. Within the framework of “Tailor-Made Solution” approach, customized and competitive investment products are developed by defining the needs of the customers.

For each Private Banking customer to feel privileged and top priority, we provide service on 7/24 basis through the widest private banking center network in Turkey and through 0850 222 OZEL communication channel.

DenizBank Private Banking;

  • Assists you in managing the risks in all of your transactions in the financial markets and offers products in line with your needs;
  • Offers you alternatives in line with your risk profile, needs, knowledge and experience,
  • Supports you in your asset distribution with the model portfolios which are developed according to different risk groups suitable for you in changing market conditions,
  • Instantly follows the financial reports related to domestic and foreign markets, shares these reports with you,
  • Allows its customers to benefit from instant movements and price advantages in the markets by offering them the opportunity to conduct transactions in interbank markets,
  • Shares the financial reports prepared by experts related to the changing global markets by examining,
  • Provides customized services and tailor-made solutions.

For our customers who would like to receive regular information about the markets and who want to take investment decisions themselves, alternatives are provided in line with their risk and return preferences, knowledge and experience. DenizBank Private Banking assists its customers in accessing different markets, in getting information about domestic and foreign markets and in providing new alternative investment products. Customers can follow all the information about the status of their portfolios through personal Customer Representatives and they can make changes in their investment strategies, if necessary.

* DenizBank reserves the right of changing the content of the provided service and product at any time. For detailed information about products and services offered within the scope of Private Banking and application rules, you can call 0850 222 OZEL or you can contact your Customer Representative.